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The process to place your ad with us is very simple! If you have determined the size of your ad, simply complete and sign the Advertising Contract and send to us one week prior to the publishing of your ad or banner.

Few Things To Do:
  1. Send completed Advertising Contract one week prior to your ad target date.
  2. Send your ad image file (see Technical Specification) one week prior to your ad target date on a 3.5'' diskette or send it as an e-mail attachment to:
  3. Click here to view and sign the Advertising Contract.

Few Rules To Remember:

You may reserve the Advertising spot for a minimum of a one-week period.

  1. reserves the right to refuse/cancel any Advertisement at any time without prior notice.
  2. Payment covering your ad should be received in our office prior to the publishing of your ad.
  3. does not accept Advertisement related to subjects banned by US law.
  4. does not accept Advertisement related to adult oriented materials.
  5. reserves the right to make changes to the advertising program or contract, including but not limited to the substitution of one page for another, the placement of the ad on the page, and the frequency of ad banner changes and banner location within the site for each Advertiser.

Technical Specification

  1. Image File Format: GIF, JPG Image
  2. Image Dimensions:
    • Small Banner: 100x60 pixels
    • Medium Banner: 230x60 pixels
    • Full Banner: 465x60 pixels
  3. Image File Size: 10000 Kb maximum file size
  4. Animated Banner Ads: 10000 Kb maximum file size, Add 15% if more.                  Click here to view our Ad Contract

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